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Sipet 500 ml CHERRY BLOSSOM Shampoo
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Sipet 500 ml CHERRY BLOSSOM Shampoo
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Sipet 500 ml CHERRY BLOSSOM Shampoo
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$24.99  $17.99
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Sipet 500 ml Pets Shampoo, Insect-repellant , Mild and Allergy-Free , Healthy Hair, Dog Cat Shampoo (CHERRY BLOSSOM)With One extra gift other Random type 50ml shampoo ,Made in Taiwan

Product Description

This product consists of our proprietary blend of “Volcanic Minerals-sistyle nsp+” as certified by Taiwan’s SNQ(Symbol of National Quality)certification and with its physical characteristic of absorbing hazardous microorganism, which leads to its bacteriostatic effects. While curing undesirable odors its emission of Far-infrared also boosts blood circulation and metabolism in your pets, thus helping to strengthen immune system.


The product contains natural extracts Cheery Blossom Extract, Marrubium Vulgare Extract, Alpina Flower/Leaf/Stem Extract, and Calendula Officinalis Flower Extract, Certified by EU Ecolabel, in providing allergy relief, repelling insects, skin-conditioning, hair vitalization, Thus giving the best hair care to your pets. 



  • Proprietary Blend:

        “Volcanic Minerals-systyle nsp+”to slow build up bacteria optimizing metabolism and strengthening immune system.

  • Plant-Extract Nutrients:

        Organic ingredients offering professional care of hair, skin and body oil for comfort and health of your pets.

  • Skincare & Insect-Repellant:

        Bring relief to skin rash and swelling as well as an effective disinfectant and insect-repellant.

  • Mild & Allergy-Free:

        Non-irritant blends causing no irritation to pets when bathing.

  • Healthy Hair:

        For better body and shinier hair after bathing.


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Sipet 500 ml Dog Cat Pats Shampoo (CHERRY BLOSSOM )

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